•|| RFB Weekend Weigh-in (3/15) ||• Question: What should the place of Astrology be in spirituality? |


March 15 by The Running Son

•-||  The RFB Weekend Weigh-in  ||•

for March 15, 2013

The question:

What should the place of Astrology be in spirituality?

ASTROLOGY: So where do you stand?

• Is it fake, or a window into our lives?

• Does it deserve study and attention by the academic community?

• Do you conduct readings? if so what would you like to say about them?

• Was your experience with Astrology good/bad/mind-changing?

I recently reunited with an old friend whose beliefs include, almost exclusively, ideas from esotericism and the modern Occult, in their myriad expressions. This meeting has sparked a consideration (or reconsideration) of that space where broader esoteric beliefs and a fundamental ‘transpersonal’ spiritual understanding begin to talk the same spiritual language.

Many who consider themselves walking a spiritual path, and equipped with a broad set of spiritual tools, avoid Astrology altogether. Yet, many others embrace Astrology as a practical and insightful system toward spiritual growth.

So where do YOU stand?

Join in the discussion!

Also, feel free to suggest RFB Weekend Weigh-in Questions for future fridays! Enjoy your weekend, and let us know what you think!


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2 thoughts on “•|| RFB Weekend Weigh-in (3/15) ||• Question: What should the place of Astrology be in spirituality? |

  1. Ian says:

    I dont think astrology is fake nor is a window into our lives. thinking along utilitarian, practical lines, Astrology is a tool, and a tool, once it has been cast properly, is only going to be as good as its user. What kind of tool? A tool to further communicate directly with the subconscious; a medium between the Macrocosm and the microcosm (us).
    Does it derserve study be the academic community? hmmm, I think so, if not in totality, then at least in some aspects, however It’s realistic to know that it wont be studied by such, at least not openly.
    I conduct birth chart readings. These can now be done, thankfully, fairly easy with the right software programs. One such program for free download is http://www.astrolog.com. Along with birthdate, it requires one to know the exact time of thier birth, down to the minute , as well as geographic location (longitude and latitude). I’ve had mine done, through a bookstore that had a better program than astrolog and the printable intepretation was 26 pages long, and the most accurate interpretation I’ve come across yet, acurracy being how the reading resonates within my self (microcosm)
    My experience with Astrology has been good and mind-changing and even theraptuetic in many respects. Victor Frankl developed his form of therapy, found within the book ‘Man’s search for meaning’ and has been quoted as saying that, ‘a person can cope with any ‘how’ in life, as long as he understands the ‘why”. I find astrology to be a way of connecting with our own collective unconscious and mythological frame work. The planets names ARE the god names and identities of the mythological Roman and Greek gods. Saturn is identified with the character of Death ( with Sickle) and Time (Chronos). Jupiter is Zues and is correlated with ideas and concepts of plenty, health, wellness, expansion. The correlatives could go on and on.
    Actual Physical influence? I’m not a phycisist, so, I have to plead agnostic on that front, however, when one considers just the Moon, and how much its has effects upon our planet, and all sentient being on it, Physical effects of the planets is something I’m willing to acknowledge as within the realms of possibility.
    ~ Ian

  2. My issue has been this: Spirituality came to me late, in a sense. Christianity was a source of frustration because I was asked to believe something I could not verify, but more importantly, I was asked to believe ideas that did not correspond to my experience of reality. Only much later, when I had abandoned Christianity for uncertainty and the unknown, did I realize just how much an affront dogma is to a thinking man. The intellectual atrophy was bad; my cynical attitude toward anything I couldn’t “know intuitively” was worse.

    Fast-forward: 2002. Transpersonal spirituality and the “religion of no religion” takes the empty seat left by Christianity. No dogma, yeah! No shaky histories to swallow. No self-proclaimed holy men with dull eyes demanding my trust, and no mysterious rites… no power trips. Right?

    Enter Parapsychology, specifically, Astrology. It was introduced as a potential extension to my blossoming spirituality. And how could I deny it’s place? I owned 2 books by Charles Tart, and both were stock full of articles on Parapsychology from authors I respected.

    Oh boy.

    I like the TV comedy The Big Bang Theory. I think Sheldon put it the simplest:

    “(your astrological sign) tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun’s apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality.

    In the end, the dogma I shed made me gun-shy. Even If Astrology was clearly verifiable, with only the slightest effort needed to realize the stars prescribed as well as described, I would still have difficulty with my biases.

    To the extent that the stars offer us guidance around life’s potholes (a description given me by a friend), I call it a lack of faith in life processes and the natural order of my life’s unfoldment. How can I appreciate the is-ness of my life when I’m so invested in circumventing it’s difficulties?

    These are ideas rather than beliefs. Thank God. 🙂

    Peace, Jim

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