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March 15 by The Running Son

An Ignatian Bibliography


Websites and Resources for the Spiritual Exercises

compiled by Morgan Zo-Callahan & Ken Ireland
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The titles we have not read ourselves were found in the bibliographies in work by an author whom we have read and admired. The books and articles are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name with two exceptions: 1) translations of Ignatius’s own work, the Spiritual Exercises or his autobiography, are listed under “St. Ignatius” and the translator or editor’s name has been placed after the title; 2) strictly biographical work contains his name as the first words of the title. We placed these titles first so that all these books would be grouped together.
•Ambruzzi, Aloysius & Lepicier, Cardinal Alexis-Henri-Marie, Companion to the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius. Kessinger Publishing, LLC, 2003
•Amis, Robin, A Different Christianity: Early Christian Esotericism and Modern Thought (S U N Y Series in Western Esoteric Traditions). State University of New York Press, 1995
•Aschenbrenner, George A., Stretched for Greater Glory: What to Expect from the Spiritual Exercises. Loyola Press, 2004
•Barry, William A., A Friendship Like No Other: Experiencing God’s Amazing Embrace. Loyola Press, 2008
Barry, William A., Finding God In All Things A Companion To The Spiritual Exercises Of St. Ignatius. Notre Dame, IL, Ave Maria Press. 1991
Barry, William A., God and You: Prayer As a Personal Relationship. Paulist Press, 1987
•Barry, William A., Letting God Come Close: An Approach to the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. Loyola Press, 2001
•Barry, William A., The Practice of Spiritual Direction. Harper & Row, 1986
•Becker, Kenneth L., Unlikely Companions: C. G. Jung on the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. Gracewing, 2002
•Boisvert, Donald L., Sanctity And Male Desire: A Gay Reading Of Saints. Pilgrim Press, 2004
•Borg, Marcus J., and N.T.Wright, The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions. San Francisco, Harpers, 1999
•Brackley, Dean, The Call to Discernment in Troubled Times: New Perspectives on the Transformative Wisdom of Ignatius. The Crossroad Publishing Company, 2004
•Buechner, Frederich, Listening to Your Life: Daily Meditation with Frederich Buechner. Compiled by George Connor, San Francisco, HarperSanFrancisco, 1992
•Chilton, Bruce & Neusner, Jacob, The Brother of Jesus: James the Just and His Mission. Westminster John Knox Press, 1 edition, 2001
•Chilton, Bruce, Mary Magdalene: A Biography, Doubleday, 2005
Classics), 2003
•Coelho, Paulo, The Pilgrimage: A Contemporary Quest for Ancient Wisdom. HarperOne, 1995
•Coles, Robert; Herbert, C. M., nar., Dorothy Day: A Radical Devotion, Library Edition. Blackstone Audiobooks; Unabridged edition, 2000
•Cowan, Marian and Futrell, John, The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola: a handbook for direction. Denver, Ministry Training Services, 1981
•English, John, Spiritual Freedom. Guelph, Loyola House, 1982
•Fleming, David L., (ed.), “Notes on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola”. St Louis, Review for Religious, 1981
•Cusson, Gilles, Biblical Theology and the Spiritual Exercises, Mary Angela •Roduit and George E. Ganss, trans. St Louis, Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1988
•Cusson, Gilles, Pédagogie de l’expérience spirituelle personnelle: Bible et Exercices spirituels (Broché). Bellarmin, Édition: 3e triage, 1986 (this, the original Cusson book that Roduit and Ganss translated, is out of print).
•Cusson, Gilles, The Spiritual Exercises Made in Everyday Life: A Method and a Biblical Interpretation. Mary Angela Roduit and George E. Ganss, trans. St Louis, Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1989. This is an authorized translation of Cusson’s Conduis-mois sur le chemin d’éternité.
•de Guibert, Joseph, The Jesuits: their spiritual doctrine and practice. ET. St. Louis, Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1972
•de Montoya, Antonio Ruis, The Spiritual Conquest. Trans., McNaspy, C.J.,
St. Louis: Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1993
•Donohue, John W., S.J., Jesuit Education. New York: Fordham, 1963
•Dozier, Verna J., The Dream of God: A Call to Return. Seabury Classics, 2006
•Dyckman, Katherine, et al. The Spiritual Exercises Reclaimed: Uncovering Liberating Possibilities for Women. Paulist Press, 2001
•Eckhart, Wandering Joy: Meister Eckhart’s Mystical Philosophy. Schurmann, Reiner, trans., Lindisfarne Books, 2001
•Empereur, James L., Spiritual Direction and the Gay Person. Continuum International Publishing Group; 1 edition, 1998
•Endean, Philip, “Who do you say Ignatius is? Jesuit fundamentalism and beyond”, Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits 19, 5. Nov. 1987
•Fleming, David L., Modern Spiritual Exercises. New York: Doubleday, 1982
•Fülöp-Miller, René, The Power and the Secret of the Jesuits. New York: Viking, 1930
•Gallagher, Timothy M., Discernment of Spirits: The Ignatian Guide for Everyday Living. The Crossroad Publishing Company, 2005
•Green, Joel B. The Theology of the Gospel of Luke (New Testament Theology). Cambridge University Press, 1995
•Green, Thomas H., S.J., Weeds Among the Wheat Discernment: Where Prayer and Action Meet. Ave Maria Press, Inc., 1984
•Green, Thomas H., S.J., When the Well Runs Dry – Prayer Beyond Beginnings. Ave Maria Press, Inc.; Revised edition, 1979
•Habito, Ruben L.F. (2004) Living Zen, Loving God. Wisdom Publications.
•Haight, Roger, “Foundational issues in Jesuit spirituality”, Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits 19, 4.September 1987
•Hebblethwaite, Margaret, Finding God in All Things. London, Collins, 1987
•Himes, Michael J., Finding God In All Things: Essays in Honor of Michael J. Buckley. S.J. Herder & Herder, 1996
•Holloway, J. B., “Godfriends: The Continental Medieval Mystics”. 1997
•Holloway, J. B., The Westminster Cathedral/Abbey Manuscript of Julian of Norwich’s Showing of Love. 1996
•Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, his life and work, Candido de Dalmases. ET. St Louis, Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1985
•Ignatius of Loyola, Karl Rahner and Paul Imhof. ET. London, Collins, 1979
•Ignatius of Loyola and the Founding of the Society of Jesus, Andre Ravier. ET. San Francisco, Ignatius Press, 1987
•Ignatius of Loyola, Philip Caraman. London, Collins, 1990
•Ivens, Michael, Understanding the Spiritual Exercises. Gracewing, 2000
•Johnston, William, Christian Zen. San Francisco, Harper & Row, 1979
•Jordan, Merle, Reclaiming your story. Westminster John Knox Press, 1999
•Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love. Grand Rapids, Christian Classics Ethereal Library. 2002
•Keating, Thomas, Active Meditations for Contemplative Prayer. Continuum, 1997
•Kung, Hans, My Struggle for Freedom: Memoirs. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2003
•Lonergan, Bernard, The Dynamism of Desire, Bernard J F. Lonergan, SJ on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The Institute of Jesuit Sources in St. Louis, 2006.
•Lonsdale, David, Dance to the Music of the Spirit. Darton, Longman & Todd Lt, 1992
•Lonsdale, David, Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: An Introduction to Ignatian Spirituality (Traditions of Christian Spirituality). Orbis Books; Revised edition, 2000
•Lonsdale, David, Listening to the Music of the Spirit: The Art of Discernment. Ave Maria Press, 1993
•Louth, Andrew, The Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition: From Plato to Denys. Oxford University Press, USA; 2 edition, 2007
•Lowney, Chris, Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World. Loyola Press, 2005
•Lucas, Thomas, S.J. Ignatius, Rome and Jesuit Urbanism. Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica, 1990
•Meissner, William W., S.J., Ignatius of Loyola, The Psychology of a Saint. Yale, 1992
•Merton, Thomas, Contemplation in a World of Action. Garden City, N.Y., Image Books, 1973
•Michael, Chester P. and Norrisey, Marie C., Prayer and Temperament: Different Prayer Forms for Different Personality Types. Charlottesville, Virginia. The Open Door, 1991
•Modras, Ronald, Ignatian Humanism: A Dynamic Spirituality for the 21st Century. Jesuit Way Loyola Press, 2004
•Modras, Ronald, “The Spiritual Humanism of the Jesuits.” America, 1995, 172, (3)
•Muldoon, Tim, The Ignatian Workout: Daily Spiritual Exercises for a Healthy Faith. Loyola University Press, 2004
•Needleman, Jacob, Lost Christianity. Tarcher, 2003
•Neusner, Jacob, First century Judaism in crisis: Yohanan ben Zakkai and the renaissance of Torah. Abingdon Press, 1975
•O’Malley, John W. S.J. The First Jesuits. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1993
•Peters, William A.M., The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: exposition and interpretation. Rome, Centrum Ignatianum Spiritualitatis, 1978
•Rahner, Hugo, Ignatius’ Letters to Women. New York: Herder & Herder, 1960
•Scroggs, Robin et al., Putting Body & Soul Together: Essays in Honor of Robin Scroggs. Trinity Press International, 1997
•Segundo, Juan Luis, The Christ of the Ignatian Exercises. ET. London, Sheed & Ward, 1988
•Sheldrake, Philip (ed.), The Way of Ignatius Loyola: Contemporary Approaches to The Spiritual Exercises. St. Louis, Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1991
•Silf, Margaret, Inner Compass: An Invitation to Ignatian Spirituality. Loyola Press; Rev Sub edition, 1999
•Skehan, James W., Place Me With Your Son: Ignatian Spirituality in Everyday Life: The Spiritual Exercises Arranged As a 24-Week Retreat in 4 Phases. Georgetown University Press; 3 Sub edition, 1991
•Smith, Carol Ann; Merz, Eugene F., Moment by Moment: A Retreat in Everyday Life. Ave Maria Press, 2000
•Spence, Jonathan D., The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci. Penguin (Non-Classics), 1985
•St. Ignatius of Loyola, George E. Ganss, Ignatius of Loyola: The Spiritual Exercises and Selected Works (Classics of Western Spirituality). Paulist Press, 1991
•St. Ignatius of Loyola, The Spiritual Exercises and Selected Works. George E. Ganss, ed. New York, Paulist Press, 1991
•St. Ignatius, Iñigo: original testament. William Yeomans, trans. London, Inigo Enterprises, 1985
•St. Ignatius, St Ignatius’ Own Story. William J. Young, trans. Chicago, Loyola University Press, 1980
•St. Ignatius, Spiritual Exercises and Selected Works. Malatesta, Edward J., S.J.; Divarkar, Parmananda, S.J., ed., N.Y., Paulist Press, 1991.
· [Note about this work by Morgan: This book was difficult to locate. Catholic Library was able to supply information about the publisher. I met Edward Malatesta in 1965, and remember him fondly as a wonderful scholar with enthusiastic energy. He worked with my mentor, Fr. Francis Rouleau. Edward would later take Francis’ work to the Matteo Ricci Institute at USF, one of the largest collections of books in Chinese in North America. Edward died in 1998 in his beloved China.]
•St. Ignatius, The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. John F. Thornton, ed., Avery Dulles, preface, Louis J. Puhl, trans., Vintage; 1 edition, 2000
•St. Ignatius, The Spiritual Exercises. Louis J. Puhl, trans., Chicago, Loyola University Press, 1950
•St. Ignatius, The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius: a literal translation a contemporary reading. David L. Fleming, trans. St Louis, Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1979
•Stanley, David M., S.J., A Modern Scriptural Approach to the Spiritual Exercises. St. Loius, The Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1971
•Taylor, Charles, The Ethics of Authenticity. Harvard University Press; 1 edition, 1992
•Tetlow, Joseph A., Choosing Christ in the World: Directing the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola According to Annotations Eighteen and Nineteen: A Handbook. The Institute of Jesuit Sources; 2nd edition, 2000
•Tetlow, Joseph A., Ignatius Loyola: Spiritual Exercises (Crossroad Spiritual Legacy Series). The Crossroad Publishing Company, 1992
•Tetlow, Joseph, S.J., “The Lay Ministry of the Spiritual Exercises.” National Jesuit News, 1994, 24, (3)
•Tickle, Phyllis, The Night Offices: Prayers for the Hours from Sunset to Sunrise. Oxford University Press, USA, 2006
•Toner, Jules J., A Commentary on St Ignatius’ Rules for the Discernment of Spirits. St. Louis, Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1981
•Toner, Jules J., Discerning God’s Will: Ignatius of Loyola’s Teaching on Christian Decision Making. St. Louis, Institute of Jesuit Sources, 1991
•Van Beeck, Frans Jozef, Christ Proclaimed: Christology As Rhetoric (Theological Inquiries). Paulist Press, 1979
•Veltri, John, Orientations, volumes 1 & 2. Guelph, Loyola House, 1979 & 1981
•Walsh, R., Friends of God. The Catholic Encyclopedia, online Edition. K. Knight. 6. 1909
•Ward, Keith, Pascal’s Fire: Scientific Faith and Religious Understanding. Oneworld Publications, 2006
•Wills, Gary, Chesterton. Image; Revised edition, 2001
•Wolff, Pierre, Discernment: The Art of Choosing Well: Based on Ignatian Spirituality. Liguori Publications, revised ed., 2003
Online resources for the Spiritual Exercises
There are several sites in English dedicated to Ignatius’s Exercises set-up and maintained by American Jesuits or Jesuit Universities. While the usual bibliography is not aimed at critique, and certainly when aimed at spirituality, it might even be frowned on, we want to encourage full use of the interactive capabilities of the net. Retreats are full of participation and exchange. We would like to encourage the people who create sites be able to fully use the potential of the net.
Although there will inevitably be duplication and overlap, a site devoted to retreat work has to create some background without having to click all over the internet to get oriented. But we wonder why in the nearly instantaneous online world, every site feels compelled to cover every inch of the same ground, slowly, ponderously. It is waste of resources. There are, however, a few very good sites with wonderful innovations and initiatives. We will highlight those.
This information is current at the end of the calendar 2008. We expect that there will be more online resources and hope to keep our information up to date. We have also only considered sites that are US based. As sites become more interactive and less advertisements for local retreat services, we intend to include them.]
The sites:
The full text of Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, the translation of the Autograph of the Exercises prepared by Fr. Elder Mullan, S.J. is available in PDF format at the website of the Jesuit Conference of the United States. . Knowing what Ignatius thought and how he informed the Jesuits who directed the Exercises is pretty basic. This site is just the translation, not interpretation or commentary, with no search capability.
The website of the Conference also includes a page listing the contact information for all their retreat houses and “retreat opportunities” in the US.
The website of the Creighton University Online Ministries, has been highly recommended by many people. We also like the format and the functionality. The heart of this work is an innovative 34-week retreat, an adaptation of the format that Ignatius counseled. The creators call it a “retreat for everyday life.” There is an interactive function on the site. You can make your retreat with or without a director. You also have the option of joining a group that is doing a retreat at the same time, and can share your experiences as a kind of peer direction. Of all the online presentations, Creighton University had by far the most real-time human support.
Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles. The California Jesuits offer the Exercises to individuals/small groups to make the Exercises, “with an emphasis adapting to the individual retreatant.” Morgan did a 19th Annotation Retreat here which he writes about here in “Inclined Toward Love: Notes while doing the Spiritual Exercises.” The website promotes that retreat work.
We would like to point to an innovation of the Institute for Ignatian Spirituality that is outlined with some very clear instructions: An Awareness Examination of Conscience.
Ignatius’s examen seems to emphasize the gap that exists between humankind and God and our failures to respond to God’s love. Thus you look back over the recent part of your day to check on the number of times a fault that you are guarding against occurred in thought or deed. The Awareness Examination asks that you pay attention to “feelings, moods, thoughts, desires to get a sense of what is going on in one’s life; praying for healing and forgiveness,” and that as you end you period of reflection, you consider “the immediate future and paying attention to the feelings that spontaneously arise.”
The Jesuit Collaborative. The Jesuit provinces of the Northeast have initiated “a professional association of Jesuits, laypersons, clergy, and religious who share in common the spiritual tradition of St. Ignatius” to carry on and promote the work of the Exercises. Though not a site with much information about the Exercises themselves, it appears to be a portal for information about a broad range of opportunities.
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