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The Chakras Explained


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Within the human body are seven main chakras. Each chakra has an attachment to separate body areas including glands and organs. The word chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. When experts expand on the wheel concept, they refer to the fact that wheels twirl in a circular movement, which makes a vacuum. As a vacuum, a chakra will pull physical and mental challenges inside the body on a vibratory level.


The seven separate chakras have a purpose, but they must work together to create balance in your body. With balance, your body will experience physical and emotional peace.


Base or Root Chakra

Mooladhara (Root) Chakra

Perineum: Excretory Systems: Physical Security & Fear

The first chakra is at the base of your spine. When practicing chakra meditation, you will find that the base chakra supports your entire body. Its symbol is earth, and you’ll connect to your base chakra when you hear the musical note C.

The root chakra links to the color red, and when the base chakra is off balance, you will feel disconnected. If you place all of you attention on an item that is red, then you will find your physical and emotional balance. The base chakra is also in control of several physical parts of your lower body such as your immune system and kidneys along with your legs and feet. The chakra will affect several areas of your emotional self that include your sense of loyalty, survival instincts and self-esteem.

Sacral Chakra

Swadhisthana (Sex) Chakra

Base of the Spine: Sexual Systems: Self-Expression & Creativity

You’ll find your sacral chakra near the lower section of your stomach around your naval. This chakra affects several physical areas of your body such as your adrenal gland, liver and upper intestines along with your sexual organs, pancreas and stomach. In addition to influencing your physical body, the sacral chakra will help your creativity and personal relationships. The symbol for this chakra is water, and the musical note D will help you balance it.

When your sacral chakra is out of balance, your body may react with back problems and fertility issues. You may also feel that you lack control. The chakra’s color association is orange, and you can rebalance it by focusing on objects that are bright orange or red-orange.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Manipura (Naval) Chakra

Solar Plexus: Digestive Systems: Willpower & Anger

With the solar plexus chakra, you’ll be focusing your attention on your ego in addition to several of your body’s physical areas such as the middle section of your spine, spleen and upper abdomen. The solar plexus chakra also influences your gallbladder and small intestines.

The chakra’s associated color is yellow, and when it’s out of proportion, it may make you sensitive to critical comments. You may also fear rejection and face eating disorders. By concentrating on a yellow item, you can rebalance this chakra. The symbol for the solar plexus chakra is fire, and the musical note associated with it is E.

Heart Chakra

Anahata (Heart) Chakra

Center of the Chest: Circulatory and Respiratory Systems: Love

Your heart chakra is in the middle of your chest, and it is responsible for your compassion, love, forgiveness and trust. When you have a balanced heart chakra, you will be kind, loving and generous towards others. However, you will be hateful, fearful in your relationships and jealous when your heart chakra is wounded. You can realign this chakra by focusing on the colors green and pink.

The symbol for the heart chakra is air, and you may feel more compassionate when you hear the musical note F. When you’ve aligned your heart chakra, your physical body may heal more quickly. During the balancing process, you should spend time outdoors and eat a large number of green vegetables.

Throat Chakra

Vishuddhi (Throat) Chakra

Throat: Auditory and Speech Systems: Communication

Your throat chakra will affect your decision-making skills and your honesty. You will find the chakra in your throat area where it has control over your throat muscles and voice. When your throat chakra has balance, you will have fewer cavities in your teeth along with healthy gums. Another physical benefit to balancing this chakra is that you may not experience throat disease.

The chakra’s color alliance is blue, and its symbol is sound. You may encourage balance in your throat chakra by listening to the musical note G. You should also drink plenty of water when you are focusing on the balance of this chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

Ajna (3rd Eye)

Center of head, directly in line with center of forehead: Eyes & Perception: Intuition

Your third eye chakra’s connection to your physical body is through your brain and nervous system. The chakra is responsible for affecting your perspective and wisdom. Its location is between your eyebrows, and when the third eye chakra is in balance, you will likely make principled decisions. If the chakra is out of balance, then it can physically affect your body through your spine and cause dysfunction.

An imbalanced third eye chakra can cause learning problems and a high amount of focus on fantasy related activities. The color indigo will help you stabilize this chakra, and when you hear the musical note A, you will feel emotionally and physically steady. The symbol associated with the third eye chakra is light.

The Crown Chakra

Sahasrara (Crown)

Top of Head: Brain and Nervous System: Bliss

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra, and its position is in the top section of your head. The crown chakra controls your body’s spirituality. When you have this chakra in balance, your other chakras will receive widespread energy. You will also feel linked to the universe. The chakra will physically affect your body through the pineal gland along with numerous areas of your nervous system.

The crown chakra is in control of the right side of your brain and when you meditate, you can bring balance to the chakra. The colors violet and white will help you balance the crown chakra, and its connecting musical note is B. The symbol associated with the chakra is information, and when you have the crown chakra in balance, you will feel optimistic. Also, your awareness of the world will increase.


Once you begin focusing your attention on the meanings and effects of the seven chakras, you can use the elements to align your body physically and mentally.


Chakra mini-gallery

Source information and details given where available. Otherwise, clicking on an image without text links you to it’s source.


aurayiya sephiroth0







Property of a German Collector.

Click to view original source (broken)

LEFT: Chakra Diagram from the 18th Century, Rajasthan, India. This diagram is of an upright figure in slight squat with chakras painted through the center of his body, inscribed with text in Devanagari. (20 5/8 x 11 7/8 in. / 52.4 x 30.4 cm.)

RIGHT: Astrogram from the 19th Century, Rajasthan, India. The Astrogram features a figure curled within himself, painted with auspicious symbols and chakras at various points of his body, framed by floral borders. (24 x 22½ in. / 61 x 57 cm.)


“Androgynous Azoth”

by Johann Georg Gichtel (1638 – 1710)


“Two Cards”

by Jacqueline

Posted on her blog Monday, June 21, 2010. Sadly, Jacqueline passed away on October 21, 2011

Visit the blog she shared with her friend Priscilla at:

amy chakras

“Drawing of the Chakras”




“Chakra Levels” and “Chakras Speak”

by “Caroling”

aka Carol Geary

Companion drawings in charcoal showing spinning chakras or energy centers of the body. “Chakra Levels” is on top. On the bottom, “Chakras Speak” has seven whirling levels. Each level expresses in word-like glyphs in a graphic language that came, invited but uninvented. The right drawing is signed “Caroling 1978”. In 2011, seeing that the levels could correspond to a binary progression: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64.

In 2006 these drawings seemed perfect to show the energy of the vision for Borders, a panorama of the Seaside sundial with visions.  —Caroling


“Chakra Swirl”

by Deborha Kerr

Fort Saint John, BC, Canada



by “Dino” Jonathan DiNapoli

20 x 20 pen and ink

click image to see mandala spin




The Running Father Blog

[ Source: ]


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