HELP needed: When is it Necessary to start a Second blog? – by Jim Aldrich |


April 9 by The Running Son


posted by Jim Aldrich

Editor, the RunningFather blog


Something happened several days ago. I finally published posts I wrote personally, rather than collected and repackaged “transpersonal” content from the many great public sources available. I think I like writing.

It has raised an Issue, and did so quickly: should I start a second blog?

I am not sure I have the time for the extra admin work, but there’s a clear blog identity issue here. Let me see if I can form some questions.

1. Will a particular writing style conflict with the archive-like feel of the rest of the blog?

2. Is it fair to modify the nature of the blog by posting opinion articles after so many followed before the opinion posts began appearing?

3. Is it worth it?

4. Is there an angle that will smooth out the differences? Perhaps a way of categorizing or naming?

5. Have I missed anything?

I realize that only a precious few of you reading this have read both types of posts. But still, if there is anything you can add it will be considered with the precision of a laser and the gratitude of a penitent. ;*) I am having the time of my life, but I can see getting overwhelmed… I bet some of you know about that. I am an artist, but I haven’t really painted in years. The last 5 or so posts have encouraged and enlivened me in a way I haven’t felt since I was painting regularly, and I would prefer to ride this wave and see where it takes me.

So, please, comment away. I’m not sure I believe in past lives, but even if they are real I’m positive I’ve never faced this problem before. Thanks everyone!

Jim 🙂





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24 thoughts on “HELP needed: When is it Necessary to start a Second blog? – by Jim Aldrich |

  1. […] Seriously I like the new feel. Whats important is… is it easy site to get around? does it “make sense”? For the background discussion a week or so ago, go here: HELP needed: When is it Necessary to start a Second blog? […]

  2. Joycelyn says:

    Interesting question–and issue. I’m currently considering combining two of my three blogs, since keeping all of them going is just a tad time-consuming.

    I like your conclusion (above) to continue on “as is.” I’ve really enjoyed your recent writing and look forward to reading more of it. 🙂

    As long as your writing and your archiving all fit under the same broad umbrella, you should be fine.

    • Joycelyn–timing of the Angels. I was just sipping my coffee and thinking on just those two points. No, I cannot do 2 separate blogs. The demands of this one have left little time as it is. And yes, ALL of my posts have and will tie-in.

      Briefly–my mind is bursting with metaphor and it’s all spiritually related, mostly meaning I see spirituality in the common to a fault. I’m about to write on “The Spiritual in Basketball”. Ambitious or silly, It could fit here, and it will I hope. 🙂

      So basically some category changes… simple as pie. If the need arises for BLOG B later I’ll submit to it but now… what will I do with all the time I just saved myself?!

      Thanks for reading, and the encouragement, Joycelyn! And especially for taking the time to comment.

  3. I do not see any discrepancy if you post more personal content. I agree that categorizing can be a pain, been struggling with that myself. The key is obviously to take what is personal and put it in the service of the transpersonal, but from what I see you have found that key already.
    I am looking forward to your personal musings!

    • Thank you Monica. I am leaning toward just continuing on as is, and dealing with the 2nd blog issue when it is truly forced upon me.

      ” from what I see you have found that key already”. Hope so. A little time will tell.

  4. Sue Vincent says:

    On the other hand..if you come across a way to edit typos in pre-coffee responses… do let me know 😉

  5. Sue Vincent says:

    For myself i se no conflict between the information you have shared from other resources, Jim, and the thoughts that come from within. Both are reflections of a personal journey and perhaps their presence together on a single space enhances a background to each.

    • Mmmmm yes. I heard a saying once: “give them you til they expect you.” Now that I think about it I don’t have a damn idea what that means, so I’m glad you put it best. It might enhance the other. More to chew on thanks Sue!

      PS: I pardon your typos, but I can pass along no advice except this: put an automatic coffee maker on a timer, on your bed-stand. You can literally wake up to fresh brewing dexterity 😉

  6. Planting vs Building

    I understand your identity issues as I have struggled with writing a blog at all for some years before taking the plunge for similar issues. Once I took the plunge I was not disappointed and I wondered why it took me so long.It really depends on what your goal is with blogging. If it is self-expression and life-enhancement, then keep on refining as you go and see what happens, (organic growth): it’s more like planting. If you want something more professional, there are lots of resources on the Internet for that. Building a website linking to all your blogs. I’ve seen it. It’s more strategic, like building a house with foundations etc . At anytime you can revamp the existing blog. it’s very plastic. The question is what is lost? What is gained?.
    In the spirit of blogging as (web) log,like seafarers have, followers are privy to the history of your ideas,so it can be uncomfortable to look back and have all these people know that you’ve come a long way developing your ideas and self-developing, but the self-developing and idea development comes actually from this dialogue with the people you’ve touched. the posts with ‘the repackaged’ material and your personal posts are both participating of who you are anyway.

    Hope it helps,

    helpfully yours,


    • Thanks, Michal. Always appreciative of the heuristic angle. do you know that before I first dialoged with you I never even wrote the word heuristic?

      Believe me I don’t underestimate the value of a heuristic attitude toward this (to whatever degree I understand heuristics). I think of Abraham Maslows picture of the toddler grasping his fathers leg, afraid to let go and join the other children on the playground. He finally does and the risks and rewards and pains and triumphs become known quantities and he expands in capacity and soon becomes satiated. Over time he becomes independently creative in his exploring. A terrible paraphrase of AHM i’m sure but the point is, for the child that failed and integrated the failure, learned from it and risked again, conflicts become easier to handle in an intuitive, more effortless way.

      I don’t pretend to understand heuristics with any depth, but if what I can get my mind around is accurate, It’s exciting. Something like, “if the heuristic process is trusted and engaged in, then the resulting growth is greater than the sum of any parts”. Crude, likely off. correct me but don’t disappoint! 😉

      • Sorry, if I disappointed you in the past. Is that why I don’t figure on the side bar as a blog you follow? 😉 I have nothing to correct. No preaching either. I keep it for my blog. 😉 I don’t own the word “heuristics”. If at all, I am flattered that my “happy heuristics” angle got you “excited”, though in a totally unexpected way! I’ve only shared a distinction (planting vs building) that showed helpful for me when I grappled with similar ‘identity’ issues as you outline. Did I pass the test this time?;)

        • “Don’t disappoint”… that was just just whimsey. In other words, I didn’t want to be wrong… L liked the idea I had, even if it was off. Being wrong meant I would have to go off hunting for a better term. The sidebar? 😉 I looked: you followed me 1 month 2 weeks ago. for a 2 month old blog, that makes you an elder statesman. I am following you but I don’t remember how long ago—you can tell–or how the blogs I follow are prioritized…I know my answer is windy, but you are one of about 7 or 8 bloggers that I feel like I am getting to know, so yeah… you should be up there. 🙂

          • Thanks again, I’m flattered. As a statewoman 😉 I allow myself to rhetorically question you:what about trusting your experience with your “happy heuristics” or insight or whatever you want to call it:“if the heuristic process is trusted and engaged in, then the resulting growth is greater than the sum of any parts” ?. Whatever prompted your associations, is of little importance. What counts is what you do with your answers, coming from your own references (AHM child evolution memory you had): your reconfiguration of existing references. That’s exciting!

            • Exciting? I have friends that will execute me if I play with existing well-defined terms. Terrifying 🙂
              Stateswoman? Right. That’ll school me to make assumptions about implied masculinity or femininity in a name!

              O my golly do I feel like the heel. 🙂

              At any rate I took a few minutes… I better understand the Heuristic learning method now and I see that I took off on a rabbit trail… no worries. It was an investigation that lead to discovery and learning… it’s all heuristics!

              Thanks for everything HH, honestly.

            • Don’t worry about it, it happens all the time. Michal is a female biblical name (the first wife of king David).


    • Wow I completely skipped responding to your insightful comment about the timeline issue. I don’t have much to say… it’s true! Uncomfortable, but cannot be shut out of existence by privatizing or deleting because they are all a part me anyways..I understand. I’m for “dignified exposure”, hows that?

  7. godtisx says:

    I’ve debated this myself….I think it depends on the content and how formal each is.

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