I thought ASTROLOGY was for slack-jaws and the insecure. So what’s this? |


April 15 by The Running Son

by Jim Aldrich

Why do I have to go the whole of my life thinking astrology begins and ends with the short lady with long earrings, a smokers cough and make-up dripping into a pool at her feet?

Dozens upon dozens of discussions with adherents and not one of them says, “Hey, if you want the academic or esoteric take, check out such-and-so”. After a lifetime half-hearing people– who may also believe in Greys and ghosts and 12 ft. giants— trying to stutter out reasons to take astrology seriously and anything more than a parlor game, a fellow might reasonably conclude there are no reasons.

Look I don’t want to be into astrology. Even if there is something there, and under the best of conditions it looks like a hell of a lot of work. I’m 10 years on the Enneagram, and now the Instinctual Variants and Tri-Types just hit the field and both seem like legitimate advances. But I might not hate on astrology like I have. It’s about intellectual honesty, no?

Today? I have a problem at a certain point in Tarot theory. If I have it right, whatever collective energy(s) are accessed during the initial draw, it’s claimed they form into a conscious guide and choose the “right” Tarot cards. Something like that. A collective consciousness? Absolutely. A collective that prescribes and defies time as I experience it… sorry not there. Just being honest.

SymbolReader dropped a name as a side-note in a comment. Dane Rudhyar. A simple Google search and I find a world of “deeper” astrology. The term “serious” astrology is tossed around. Fair enough.

This guy Dane Rudhyar begins where I begin in his core thought on being and purpose. That’s enough to relieve all lay-astrologers that cross my path from having to choke out a defense. Save us both headaches. 😉

For anyone that might have an opinion, Is there a meeting point for the “avoiding dangers” of astrology, and the “learning from experience” of heuristic learning?

Peace, Jim




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9 thoughts on “I thought ASTROLOGY was for slack-jaws and the insecure. So what’s this? |

  1. Jim says:

    Hi, just discovered your blog today. I have played with both astrology and the enneagram for many years. You might look at Rudyar’s Lunation Cycle and compare it with the process enneagram. The shock points are similar to the 90 degree points, the first being the crisises of establishing new behavior, the new in conflict with the old. The second being the crisis in consciousness, again the new understanding being reconciled with the old. The 180 point, the full moon is like the cooking stage where new awareness comes to the surface. The end of the cycle results in a new seed pattern which informs the next cycle.

    He also does a good job of showing the various ways in which one can fail in the stages of involution – evolution.

    • I missed answering this, and I would like to thank you for taking the time. even though its been a few weeks. Not ironically, I am at a point where this is important, and makes sense, more now than then…

      Now that I re-read this, this may be the single most interesting comment I have received on anything, period. The most relevant.. Thank you
      Sincerely, Jim Aldrich

    • r u a gurdieff student?

      • Anonymous says:

        Sort of. I’ve read various 4th way books, have practiced self-remembering, used the process and personality enneagrams, and have read J.G Bennet, who was greatly influenced by G. One of my current foci is trying to assimilate J.G. Bennet’s Dramatic Universe which has foundations in G. and references him frequently. His use of numbers as categorial tools has interesting implications.

        For example, 3 brings duality into relationship with the affirming, receiving, and reconciling impulses each playing unique and interlocking roles which establish relationships thru action.

        9 is the minimum number of terms in a system to establish an individualized entity with a structure that must accommodate and be accommodated by a larger pattern. Hence the option to transform, the Uroboros circling the enneagram. The three 3’s, each set with a different initiating impulse can be seen as phases or aspects of that process.

        • God. I am feeling the pressure to drop projects and dive in deeper toy the Process enneagram. I have Bennetts studies out and staring at me, and it recently came recommended by someone I respect in the community. Frightening to approach on ones own, but the short paragraphs you offered me have began a fire-storm of ideas. Usually means it’s time to flip things over to the next octave. What can I say. Your comment is a hell of a tease. Oh and for the record I like fusion. in ones music collection, in food, and in their spiritual toolkit. Jim

        • sigpoggy says:

          Here is a useful summary of Bennett’s Systematics: http://www.systematics.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.Structures
          What he doesn’t mention there is the deeper implications of human experience. His probing of the distinctions and relationships between essence and existence lead to revelations of the different levels of self, being and consciousness and how they play out.
          I suppose one of my favorite things about this book is how precise he is in naming, defining, and interrelating all the terms – his vocabulary. The first volume is mostly math, physics, biology – it is dealing with the factual domain. It is pretty daunting but bits and pieces are useful for getting his vocabulary down (there is a glossary at the end of each volume). I was told it is best to start with vol. 2 (there are 4 total)- focused on the domain of value. Keep in mind he wrote it over a period of many years, so the later material often has insights that help with the earlier stuff. He revisits basic themes over and over in different contexts which really helps. I’m currently jumping back and forth between vol. 2 and 3.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All valid questions and this post gave me a warm feeling inside. My God, it would take hours to explain what I think. All I know is that astrology does not exclude the Heuristic learning theory, as you call it. I will try to think it over and will get back to you with some better answers.

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