Poem: When I see you in Heaven


May 3 by The Running Son

Totila Albert

Totila Albert

When I see you in Heaven

Two is the two of us,
in two different worlds and two different lives,
karmic striving toward the light
but not passing by,
our souls beaming through our eyes,
woven deep through past lives,

leading a pollinated cross-life posterity
down the path to the end
of our own duet,
or dueling heart-cries
for the exchange and love of charity
with spiritual severity, yet clear gentle eyes.

Maybe then, friend, we met, relaxed.
Saw us, each other, said namaste.
Smiled and hugged, exalted, chased stars, eternally sighed,
or maybe studied mutual hearts until we forgot which eyes were ours,
or perhaps wept together, not ever apart,
I never again

want to hide ten minutes or a millennium,
and never ever want to start.
There’s room for more than simply me
in these two poles,
globed and unified in my single heart,
two cables stretched out, into the mystical blue, to you

for a jump-start.



by Jim Aldrich


21 thoughts on “Poem: When I see you in Heaven

  1. ashadeofpen says:

    I was moved beyond words with ur words 🙂

  2. Villanueva says:

    you make me smile while reading this 🙂

  3. looks like you have been there and know about polarities in spirit – hehe
    we are surely the reflection of the grand archetypes
    Happens the same way only better than the best when two souls meet – lol

    • yes. even when it cannot be expressed well through words or gesture, or the proper look. unfettered souls must not like being filtered through egos and split attentions 😉 i dont.. and i am un unfettered soul, like you. i wanna play ego kick-ball.


      • really difficult ball game that – the buddha’s mindfulness helps – when one says according to buddhist lore i will get rid of the ego – he says be mindful the ego may be saying that – though who knows your kick ball may be scoring a straight goal

        • your kick ball may be scoring a straight goal

          Ooooo o 😉

          hehe. yes. “mindful the ego may be saying that”

          St Paul talked about testing all teachers against the known law (written on our hearts). ohm is known. the ego-teacher gets taught by the grounded student on how to be properly schooled. 😉

          • some ego is allowed or we’d be all angels here – no good in earth school

            • allowed 😉 agreed. i am convinced, now, it is a necessary part of the fabric. i dont even LIKE that idea but is true… flesh and bone… something like the thread vs the pattern. i dunno.

              but U R right! truth IR…somewhere is ♫armony..

            • the ego is the glue ( never a pretty compound, smelly too) that binds the body together – purposeful but dont let it get too sticky lol

            • i reFuse to go with the “sticky” analogy where my mind wants to go….

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  5. Hikari Yori says:

    Hi Jim, I award you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please refer the details at http://daylighttune.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/liebster-blog-award/
    Thank you. – Hikari Yori

  6. That is absolutely beautiful, breath-taking!!!

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