BLOoooo•••G Story p[ohm about a guy – ( aka TheCallOut {afterlife thought.})


May 10 by The Running Son

Got a choice to publish this after I type it…

Here goes no correcting (ya feelin bad-assss 2-nite)

The story is all there. The blog. Even indexed (part of it)

lots of it,  what I can put in print

with-out offending,


But I had my life like a blog-rolling

out of control,

Lost things and blue and distant and

fading memories

of songs

That my heart forgot to know long,

back then.


I’m a different guy today.

Dunno why

Suddenly I can say things genuinely and without fear.


Coolio. Sweet.

Parties were hard for me. Or making girls see

the Reaaaal (person I want 2 b)


What if you got there? For real?








oh, shut up.

you’ll b 4 give-n for three.



I had a friend. This guy I know.

Yeah. Real kind  of   I dunno, pretty

talented at art. Yeah, that’s jim,

Jim the artist,

(I was depressed, but playyy-in it)

jim was friends with such and so

and lived in that suburban

place. Nice colors

not his drawings tho, he did cool b & W

I think   thats all I know.


Then he was like, gone.

On drugs or something,

I dunno.

Hear from him, let me know.



was off chasin

things that dont fit

in hands

or pockets. Nothing I tried, art

walking more

or anything seemed to help.

Rehab. AA, saying grace. Changing tastes

or churches or women or places

I lived in my heart



Hardly thinking anything really matters.


News. flash.

That absolutely complete

and permeating feeling that you ARE this or that??

it’s wrong,

Religion and  strange colorful people

try to tell us

HEY!, something’s there. Out there. Up. There

Do we know? I dont. But there’s a world of people I care for 2-nite.


NO drugs. K?

no xtc can compare.

The freedom when u just let it all happen. come out.

blue and sorta cool.


Did I change tenses or first person ooopsy?

Back to my friend.

Co-incedently, I’ll call him





OK, Jeeees.

Jim had a glorious woman stay with him

4 10 years. A saint. Me b-manic, all that. u kno?

So. Saints go home at some point.

and the half-worn books they

cared for,

they stay in dry places, deserts, cold and forgotten hearts,

(6) parts or some of heaven!

4 more 2 go!

I had it figured!


Start a blog!!!!!!!!

Me! Can you see me? I could b

kingy of blog-neverland

deserts r booooring. Make ppl do mind-blown things like


Reeealy lay their heart out.

Bad 4 tv.

Gt8 blogging. So lonnnng story shortened,


Yesterday (meta[oh u get the point smarties])

I was afraid of you. All, pretty much.

I was worried u wouldn’t like me.


Today, no meta nuthin,

My love 4 you all has washed that fear away.

I kno I’ll b tested. We al r and blah blah


By some up and up and coming up in my facing him,

him facing away.

Not in REAL life,

but him hiding. The pain he and I r trying to decide if we both either even

want to play-a, sorta Wassssup homie! huh? wtf you looking at suck-a I could

run you from town, not enough room before 12.


I started a blog to say Hi.

I was lonely.

Sucks in the desert.

(6) ways from sunday, man, believe me.


Blog turned out to be an inside out in the desert

kind of library of sorts.

Me, Jim,

Beaming out other cool peoples writings and stuff.

Wanted to get it out, ya kno?


Some of you bit

and watched me sit in my

potty-mess-wreck of a room,

Tho i spared u that.

no pics. no room for this dude

to dismiss all the hurt and the pain and the years


of getting older and less… able to do.

Some ppl r successful. I like that.

I couldn’t, u c.


Too scared of everything. Now I’m in in-spired

to tell you that the picture up there is no joke.

GraviT-ar… All I could get.

Wanna baby pic?

That can b arranged. Pfff not


no scanner see? Or printer to

to print and help me claim my poetry.

Dont care no more. Dont wanna stop,

Hell not this jim aka running son? Hmmm


Love that name. Whew. Will I send this out?

Too long?


Right people will read it.

Hopefully like it. Feel comfortable, at ease,

coffee and a blanket in the cold climes

and a soda in the sunshine,

and just read.

Aeesy, like it came from me 2 you.


But enuf. Keep things shrt.

What I want to tell you, (now that I feel free to, and can)


Is that it’s all right here. In you, but thats a whole other subject 4 poetry.

This is a m-i-x nobody has seen

me before

Really, One hell-of-a-damn mess.


NOT my parents fault.

They dont. know any better from their parents to the great-grand double

who knows where it all started.

Eden? Jeees. Like U kno!??


I know there’s original sin. To the 3rd and 4th generation?


How long does it take an abuse to stop ringing in a family?


Ding. Huh?


Ima Desert boy. wit a blog. blog boy bloggin loooong

in2 the night.


Laying out dreams like they were important

things. Make me a star. star dust. make u famous. live forever and ever and

ever get all into yourself in your head?


I bet you’ll be [fame (-us)].


Can u do the math suckas? You lose. No us in just UUU.



I am weak. I wont admit it in

mixed company.


I wont admit it in mix-ed up company.

They dont get it.


The blog? It was all 4 u.

Not me after all. I had a thing or 2

to say all along I have been needing words

and ways to say all this,

and all the stuff on the blog,


was always for you. But see? in a iUniverse and my-bi-living ways

have always prevented me.


Well wooopee!

Yeah America.

Really and yeah freedom…

(altho we gotta slow down and look, america, k?)


Then, it happened.


A series of events. Important ones.

my dad got sick.

Di left.

I left people

and family and everything important

2 chase my own lofty short-sighted dreams.


It brought me very low.

But to a place that I can forage 4 words


and build meanings to give back to you

finally. This Blog? and 2013

In the books baby and us? Dunno. Hope it’s alll chill.


I broke through something in a matter of days guys.


And some friend of mine…

had the self-conscious foresight to write during

a very low nite,


and find beneath all that.



The light.


Not my light tho, dont claim it, it was my friends. I just tried it. Once.


Damn, try it again.

(2x…stupid publish button dont work [u get the point])}>>   •





11 thoughts on “BLOoooo•••G Story p[ohm about a guy – ( aka TheCallOut {afterlife thought.})

  1. JIM..I loved it. Especially the statement…half worn books they cared for…working through the rest (smiles)

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    I’ve been watching to see where you were taking things, Jim.
    Blanket, and coffee at the ready x

  3. Friend, I thought my mind was a busy place. I love that you don’t hold back. You just express things as they are for you at any given moment. There’s an honesty in that, that’s very pure. Great job.

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