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  1. poems for people, and notes on love

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    May 13 by The Running Son


    some of you are honesty junkies. i like that. others, not so much. that’s ok. welcome to honesty anyways. there …
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  2. prickly thoughts: doesent feeling better feel better?


    May 13 by The Running Son

    I wrote this rose poem in an email today. and in the spirit of having a little spirit, i did …
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  3. a few angry poems and some straight talk


    May 13 by The Running Son

    I was very alarmed at an exchange of mus-understandings this morning. My blog… is a no-identity blog. and because i …
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  4. 3

    May 13 by The Running Son

    * *           *      *     8*             * *         *  *       8              * “hey you.” *      *               *       8 …
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  5. Pohm – re-toned

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    May 13 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
        Pohm o Humid rise, up and gather, reign down over all. moisture in all,…

  6. 2 things I said in high-school to look cool in front of you:

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    May 13 by The Running Son

     *     *      * 1. all jerks. 2. … jim 😉 speak out and up and speak your heart. It helps …
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  7. iNapping (ages 0 andUp) – poem

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    May 12 by The Running Son


    iNapping  (ages 0 andUp) – poem I nap. iNap InAp inapt inept except accept-ing-nep-tuning moon-mother kept easeing me lovely shine-lady …
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  8. We could meditate together


    May 12 by The Running Son


        8 we could meditate together Sit here, with me. Now breath girl, and look deep in my eyes, …
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  9. a pop-off sunday poem

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    May 12 by The Running Son


    a pop-off sunday poem Every day of the week, i pop off. sundays I mouth off often popping your balloons …
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  10. Go sky-blue, Luke!


    May 12 by The Running Son


      Go sky–blue, Luke! I use the force. I take it and use it for creating sky empires and global …
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  11. little missed stars


    May 12 by The Running Son


    * little missed stars * * *                                 * i shake my fist at heaven! i look silly.  * god is …
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  12. creation landed on my sill– tried 2 catch it with a net but….


    May 12 by The Running Son


      –do u really know where that creati- vity might go, if you let it fly? – I  /  _….. …
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  13. A and VV and stable unions


    May 12 by The Running Son


    Ⓥ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧Ⓐ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧Ⓥ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧Ⓥ A and VV and stable unions Ⓥ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧Ⓐ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧Ⓥ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧Ⓥ at peak, union tables, and train stations embark, an em-battling of train …
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  14. a poem waiting to happen


    May 12 by The Running Son

        a poem waiting to happen Damn I missed it! You made me miss the point I made without …
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  15. A poem about politicians, and foreign affairs

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    May 12 by The Running Son


      A poem about politicians, and foreign affairs   I see you in digital. DTS, technicolor. Farther away than my …
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  16. ~•|| – a mothers day poem – ||•~

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    May 12 by The Running Son


    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
    janbrett.com     a mothers day poem mothers for a day get to play famous in-famous…

  17. letters on adoption


    May 11 by The Running Son


        letters on adoption Two lives collide in the scattered papers of an adopted life. Taken literally, two sides …
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  18. the crescent (• moon concept


    May 11 by The Running Son


    the crescent -(•- moon concept If i had one wish, i’d wish to walk on water. But moonlight vision concepts …
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  19. *Koan SolVed!: what is the sound of one hand clApping? (?)


    May 11 by The Running Son


          entering and clicking the like button j     (id feel guilty n0t 2 enter after that, …
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  20. short blog-work of long lives


    May 11 by The Running Son

    short blog-work of long lives   i am always going nowadays, a work in progress, and god seems to work …
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  21. the integrAl Voice of being

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    May 11 by The Running Son

      the integrAl Voice of being i just say what I do now. i used to do what i said …
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  22. A second thought about a first look at messy rooms


    May 11 by The Running Son


    A second thought about a first Look at messy rooms I have a messy room. and 2 cats and 1 …
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  23. the write-hand path


    May 11 by The Running Son


    the write-hand path “Your hands in (-your) motion.” writing or working, hands are the wrong and right notes we make. …
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  24. the best ov the latest of jims poetry, aand sum CoLoR (^:


    May 11 by The Running Son

    Boyle's Self Flowing Flask

    Hello! It has taken experiments in to many styles, and “language” formations over the last few days to get to …
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  25. the mEchanIcs oV learning about sUnlight


    May 11 by The Running Son

    the mEchanIcs oV learning about sUnlight statements made, r making sense 2 u. then U make sense of them, like …
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  26. * a mothers day poem


    May 11 by The Running Son

      a mothers day poem mothers for a day get to play famous in-famous ways. Amer-I-can ‘iLady– miracle if u …
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  27. * 2ways 2 rehab an orphan word

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    May 11 by The Running Son

    2ways 2 rehab an orphAn word caging them, is like making a help page, where well-placed, meant well placing them …
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  28. * whAt 2 call coffee ‘morning-time’ when the kids r still in bed

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    May 11 by The Running Son

    whAt 2 call coffee ‘morning-time’ when the kids r still in bed   call it sun-time. or uTime or hi-time …
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  29. what happens when dudes hog comment space

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    May 11 by The Running Son

    what happens when dudes hog comment space   thank god…   All bloggers haV heart. sorry, no worrrries bro! blogs …
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  30. Out, do


    May 9 by The Running Son

    Out, do     Come out. Stop out for a moment and out-do yourself you might be surprised. Always out …
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