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  1. Running ̊Son – Poems collection pt. 10


    August 10 by The Running Son


      -• ö.tH(ink)Mÿstiç •- Here’s the best of my unpublished poetry over last week or two. Part 10. Love you …
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  2. oƒ Ŀove, both ᖱark & ligᗁt


    August 2 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
    click4source     oƒ Ŀove, both ᖱark & ligᗁt Underworld lovers vacuum light out of each…

  3. eye poem

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    August 2 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
      eye poem i, Crowing out to no crowd signals out-bound slow but out loud through…

  4. ̊Seven ̊Ɵceans


    July 31 by The Running Son


    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
    click4source    ̊Seven ̊Ɵceans Remember the night the sky tore open and my flight to the…

  5. ~❂ when dragons breathe ❂~


    July 31 by The Running Son


        ~❂ when dragons breathe ❂~   We fought, until red rocks glinted high heat. Then, red friction taught me lust; …
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  6. ɵut fɾom the sǻges

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    July 31 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
    Joshua Tree, and shack – click4source     ɵut fɾom the sǻges It’s true. I crawled…

  7. ◙+▣ a key ɼegret ▣+◙


    July 30 by The Running Son


    ◙+▣ a key ɼegret  ▣+◙   You deserve to be expelled. Control, plus Alt/DEL to blast you back to binary …
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  8. ✭✮ state of the poet ✭✮


    July 30 by The Running Son


        ✭✮ state of the poet ✭✮   In January a tone followed me through dreams. Awake, its off …
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  9. ◙ FB face ◙


    July 28 by The Running Son

    ◙ FB face ◙ Don’t take my face, Sir Zuckerberg, sire, don’t take my Face- Book page away, entire. I …
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  10. ♈ 25 mile perspective ♈


    July 27 by The Running Son


        ♈ 25 mile perspective ♈   Adam bites; cores divide. Earth, from great heights, is just kinetic light, …
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  11. の time grows の


    July 27 by The Running Son


        の time grows の   One rose, its petals unfold and overlap. Hours unwrap, and the rain drops …
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  12. ◕ slip knot ☄


    July 26 by The Running Son


        ◕ slip knot ☄   ∞I∞ I can’t do this alone cannot the spider’s in the nose crab pot …
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  13. Running ̊Son – Poems collection pt. 9


    July 25 by The Running Son

    -• ö.tH(ink)Mÿstiç •- Here’s the best of my unpublished poetry over last week or two. Part 9. Love you all. …
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  14. ⋚ 2013 megatrend 2113 ⋛


    July 24 by The Running Son

    ⋚ 2013 megatrend 2113 ⋛ We made statements, and claimed mind states (mainly self-help created) that we based our fate, …
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  15. ɧʋɱ̉ Ϧʋġs

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    July 24 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
    click4source   ɧʋɱ̉ Ϧʋġs     It hummed and buzzed for most of three days. Its…

  16. ⋛• ∞ Agape ∞ •⋚


    July 22 by The Running Son


    ⋛∞⋚ ⋛∞⋚ ⋛•  ∞ Agape ∞  •⋚ ⋛∞⋚ ⋛∞⋚ ∞I∞ pave the way. I go, and make in me homes and …
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  17. ◑• 8 lines 4 union •◑

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    July 22 by The Running Son

        ◑• 8 lines 4 union •◑   Man, we pain in attempts to disconnect ◑ emanation from reflection, …
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  18. φ philia φ


    July 21 by The Running Son


        φ philia φ Brothers us, arm and arm, ale and hearth, may songs be sung to ease the …
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  19. Ω storgê Ω


    July 21 by The Running Son

        Ω  storgê  Ω Walls dissolve and I melt inside. Eyes so oval and wide never glance away, and …
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  20. ۩ eros ۩


    July 21 by The Running Son


        ۩  eros  ۩   Come, drum furies red skin tension curiosity and slurred speech teach me please! A …
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  21. § leaves across paths §

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    July 21 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
    4 Seasons by Wain Jordan   § leaves across paths § Nature wears shoes to withstand…

  22. Poem: Doves Turn Around

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    July 20 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
        Doves Turn Around You are on your way home. I can feel you. No…

  23. ◦•◦ ³heavens ◦•◦


    July 19 by The Running Son


        ◦•◦ ³ heavens ◦•◦     Eyes, I follow your lead and touch colors, and reach for you, …
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  24. ♝ the senʈinal ♝


    July 19 by The Running Son


      ♝ the senʈinal ♝   You sleep and I watch. I keep watch so far away, your frame slight …
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  25. A red prayer (aka the fire)


    July 18 by The Running Son


      A red prayer (aka the fire) The skin is eaten. Fire skips bushes, the waters of each having drained …
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  26. ㊎ bonsai ㊎


    July 17 by The Running Son


      ㊎ bonsai ㊎   A clip, and a spiny cluster falls growing so long softly to the table. Pruned, …
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  27. Haiku: ☾ the sea will ☽


    July 17 by The Running Son


          ☾ the sea will ☽  The moon cries, and the sea cannot but displace to capture light …
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  28. Running ̊Son – Poems collection pt. 8


    July 16 by The Running Son


    -• ö.tH(ink)Mÿstiç •- Here’s the best of my unpublished poetry over last week or two. Part 8. Love you all. …
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  29. ~ With.Me ~


    July 15 by The Running Son

        by Jim Aldrich (: ☀ ☁ All Poetry by RunningSon, aka Jim Aldrich .namaste.   -• ö.tH(ink)Mÿstiç •-   .namaste.

  30. ۩ • tabula ɼasa • ۩


    July 15 by The Running Son


        ۩ • tabula ɼasa • ۩   Hemingway couldn’t narrate the experiences we’ve been through. We’ve seen fate pretzeled, …
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