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  1. prodigal’s ☾confession


    July 9 by The Running Son


      prodigal’s ☾confession   More importantly than me actually breathing the sleep-sweet air of that late dusk at its furthest …
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  2. The last s☢uthern supper

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    July 9 by The Running Son


         The last s☢uthern supper The honey packet that she tooth-tore open is dried to the sidewall. As I …
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  3. ʈwo ʈowns


    July 9 by The Running Son

      ◐• · ʈwo ʈowns · •◑  Feartown In visible wings humming, bird’s high hearts beat. The sun is always …
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  4. turñ


    July 8 by The Running Son


      turñ     Any right hand turn left to wade the haze of white noise life-instructing radio waves, are, …
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  5. Poem: An Introduction

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    July 8 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
    Villa del Desierto – Desert Villa by Wain Jordan     An Introduction     It’s…

  6. RunningSon as of this moment: Hopes


    July 7 by The Running Son


    My top 3 hopes as of this moment: 1. To fulfill what is, as clearly as I have ever known …
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  7. RunningSon: regrets and gratitudes


    July 7 by The Running Son

    from exhibit, “After Katrina”

    top 3 regrets at this moment: 1. I acted in raw unmasked cruelty toward the person I love the most …
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  8. to re-find prime§


    July 6 by The Running Son


    to re-find prime§ now that we’vechewed to near tooth crack stones (having lost our homes),been soul encased together in hells …
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  9. ɢ-test


    July 6 by The Running Son


    ɢ-test it may be that we are the most proven union to ever see two scarred hearts—subject to every jagged …
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  10. play ɼocket July


    July 6 by The Running Son


      play ɼocket July   Kids bounce hard off garage doors. Babies bounce, and the baby-backpacks and bottles are at …
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  11. a rɵscue

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    July 6 by The Running Son


      a rɵscue   All around the sound of concrete crashing on concrete. City’s come down upon me, rebar, and …
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  12. miʁʀoʀ


    July 6 by The Running Son


    miʁʀoʀ You mirrored me I mirrored you a conspiracy we both saw through we both renewed play therapy a heresy …
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  13. Cħat lines


    July 5 by The Running Son

      Cħat lines   by day, by night we play by sight imaging me synergy right energy syncs imagining playing …
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  14. Î coulđ


    July 2 by The Running Son

    Î coulđ I could weave you me, seven layers deep in Celtic symbol, reduce the worlds collective intelligence over low …
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  15. ϛtained glaϛϛ

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    July 2 by The Running Son


      ϛtained glaϛϛ   The glass rises, closes to a point. I am stained: the poisoning of lead, the separating …
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  16. By far the most eloquent love poem of a poet’s young career


    July 2 by The Running Son

    . . . . . . . . ☀ ☁ All Poetry by RunningSon, aka Jim Aldrich .namaste.   -• ö.tH(ink)Mÿstiç …
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  17. ςuρer ςhock (and awe)


    July 2 by The Running Son


    ςuρer ςhock (and awe)   Damn. you flipped me on. a natural move, after-thought maybe. A weakness in my wiring? …
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  18. blue tɼee


    July 1 by The Running Son


      blue tɼee I branch freely, and seize winds to help un-leave me. I root to water, streams, or any …
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  19. N̉Ỷ underground


    July 1 by The Running Son


      N̉Ỷ underground Over a rise the world drops off. You, trying, regard me, blocking. We’ve barricaded the road. Steam …
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  20. oƒ Ŀove, both ᖱark & ligᗁt


    June 30 by The Running Son


        oƒ Ŀove, both ᖱark & ligᗁt Underworld lovers vacuum light out of each other. Their dark star-hearts become …
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  21. Satiƞ & silƙ sim


    June 30 by The Running Son

        Satiƞ & silƙ sim We drank milk, our first nourishment, dripping silver off lips, across baby silks and …
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  22. long terʍ ρrojecɫ


    June 29 by The Running Son


        long terʍ ρrojecɫ I will thank you for a sample of hair, or a saliva slide, or drop …
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  23. m̉̉̉̉̉̉̉̉̉y ɼaiƞ̉̉̉̉̉̉̉̉̉


    June 29 by The Running Son

      m̉̉̉̉̉̉̉̉̉y ɼaiƞ̉̉̉̉̉̉̉̉̉ I know what would happen if I grew cumulus large, billowing across the sky until you chilled, …
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  24. + my best matᗁ


    June 29 by The Running Son

      +my best matᗁ     You say I am crazy, this long distance thing, and I want to explain …
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  25. callɵus


    June 28 by The Running Son


    callɵus   I could annihilate you. Pull 100 year old rhetoric, soot black, from the flue, then step back while …
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  26. a quick rëaction to a rëactionary friënd

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    June 28 by The Running Son

        a quick rëaction to a rëactionary friënd You!–– have the balls all these years later ––stay-at-home nature hater …
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  27. no threat of a M̍̉̍̉̍̉̍̉̍̉artian war


    June 27 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
    Lil Wayne ‘Mirror’ music video screenshotphoto credit: music video screenshot   no threat of a M̍̉̍̉̍̉̍̉̍̉artian…

  28. ʈhe sl❂w dance


    June 25 by The Running Son


      ʈhe sl❂w dance Love. It’s got this grip on me, afflicting me, a spring-time symphony; really, the only music …
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  29. uɴdɛʀɯʌʈɛʀ ·• ıɴdıcʌʈoʀ •·


    June 24 by The Running Son

    uɴdɛʀɯʌʈɛʀ ·• ıɴdıcʌʈoʀ •·     Through pinched tears the light over num-lock takes on wings, two filmy figure eights bright …
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  30. up from the depths


    June 23 by The Running Son


      o*↑ Up from the Depths ↑*o Poetry emerges from the soul. I know this, because I dove in, allowed …
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