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  1. 7 Sufi Stages of the Self – by Robert Frager


    November 18 by The Running Son

    7 Sufi Stages of the self   p. 19-23, Essential Sufism. part of the introduction by Robert Frager; HarperSanFrancisco, 1997 …
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  2. Transpersonal Tidbits: the Nine Principals of Gestalt |

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    August 30 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on The RunningFather Blog:
    9 principals of Gestalt 1. Live now. Be concerned with the present rather than with past…

  3. Catcher of Bad Dreams and Entities (Narrative Poetry)

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    June 12 by The Running Son

  4. Poetry Collaboration – EvaX v. RunningSon…unleashed

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    May 25 by The Running Son

    POETS: Jim, aka RunningSon battling Poetess EvaX. Ancient truths will be unleashed, and God’s will rise. Houses will fall to …
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  5. The Fountain or Death as the Road to Awe


    May 25 by The Running Son

  6. I think I’m out of words


    May 5 by The Running Son

    And that’s alright. How is everybody out there? I know some people are awake. This is you chance to say …
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  7. Reblog: Science and Metaphysics : Bohm

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    May 5 by The Running Son

    Credit: 3news.co.nz

    Originally posted on Search for The Soul – Indrajit Rathore:
    Credit: 3news.co.nz ”’ I maintain that the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive…

  8. the “I’m so heavenly bi-minded, I’m no earthly good” post


    May 4 by The Running Son

    Ha. Clever title. Why not. I am presently conversing with Jennifer  about the Payday Thursday poetry event she is hosting. …
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  9. the iTears bi-heart-tugging post. and a boneyard of tags and categories and forgotten things


    May 4 by The Running Son

    It has been hard to read the posts I wrote, and I haven’t completely. Unlike my writing which has come …
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  10. The “in between bi-posts and fatherly prose” post: The iRant


    May 4 by The Running Son

    Ok. note. I’m in a difficult place right now. Difficult like I dont know really how to write, what style, …
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  11. Enneagram Type Four and the Search for Self by Jim Aldrich (Guest Contributor)


    May 1 by The Running Son

  12. 2am Wisdom:

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    May 1 by The Running Son

     I’ll accept from a poem what I would slap from a mouth.     ~ Jim . END .

  13. On blog schizophrenia, poetry battles, and doing ART like it’s Armageddon!


    April 30 by The Running Son

    Man, I don’t even know where to start. Let’s begin with the important things, basketball. My boys, the LA Clippers …
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  14. The Value of Need

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    April 30 by The Running Son

    Credit: artoprecision.com

    Originally posted on Search for The Soul – Indrajit Rathore:
    Credit: artoprecision.com The state of total satiation where every need has been met in full measure,…

  15. The Present Moment

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    April 30 by The Running Son

    Michael at Will to Meaning reminds us this morning about the NOW, the present moment. Wise words.  ~Jim

  16. Collective ~Grattitude List~ What are you grateful for?


    April 27 by The Running Son

    It’s Saturday night! People are readying themselves the world over to go out and enjoy what relative wealth and comforts …
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  17. What if Nietzsche and Jesus were Pals? Nietzsche’s REAL view of Religion – by guest author Wain Jordan


    April 24 by The Running Son

    I would like to introduce guest author Wain Jordan. Wain hails from Mexico City and is my greatest source of …
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  18. Time to lay it on the table… life-blogging and Bi-Polar Disorder


    April 23 by The Running Son

    Time to lay it on the table. Around 2004 I was diagnosed Bi-Polar Disorder and PTSD.I have been off medication …
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  19. A 2-fold prescription for the spiritual life…..


    April 23 by The Running Son

    “Know Thyself”    –Socrates “To thine own self be true”    –Shakespeare Two questions: Must these be present for our …
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  20. “Marilyn Monroe” – by Jim Aldrich |


    April 23 by The Running Son

    Marilyn Monroe by Jim Aldrich pencil 24 x 30 Peace, Jim . END •

  21. Poem: A kiss to send me off – by Jim Aldrich |


    April 20 by The Running Son

    If I Was Yours

      A kiss to send me off   One kiss can whisk me through your portal, and there I’ll orally …
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  22. Poem: Stasis – by Jim Aldrich |

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    April 19 by The Running Son

    adonde vivía yo-Where I Used to Live

    The other side of Stasis Without time, we might as well be stoned, or stone blind. Hell, you could be …
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  23. Poem: Castles – by Jim Aldrich |


    April 19 by The Running Son

    Skater's Wet Dream

    Castles   With one hand I comb the sand then suddenly, two feet! The sandman we now stand on, but …
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  24. Poem: Gone way wrong – by Jim Aldrich |


    April 19 by The Running Son


    Gone way wrong I’ve ground out a theory. The soundness of it, surely! But growing sound-less now, also my sight’s …
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  25. Poem: Moonsong – by Jim Aldrich |

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    April 19 by The Running Son

    Excuse my Oexcuse_my_o_by_aztlanwayne-d4wzy53

    Moonsong Love is a law that doesn’t end at death. I jest– God knows best. But no secret’s better kept. …
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  26. Poem: The Pick-up – by Jim Aldrich |

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    April 19 by The Running Son

    La Natación-Swimming

    The pick-up His cover’s been blown ten times over and re-sewn. When the fire in the river meets the sea, …
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  27. Recent Cool Happenings in Room 303!!!!!! Yoga and Space Exploration Edition

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    April 19 by The Running Son

    Originally posted on baldocchisroom:
    Hello Fans!!!!! We know it has been a long time since we posted and we promise…

  28. The Enneagram and Cognitive Psychology – by Susan Rhodes |


    April 19 by The Running Son

    The Enneagram from a Cognitive Psychologist’s Point of View by Susan Rhodes Visit her website for full article and many …
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  29. Transpersonal Tidbits: The Simile of the Tibetan Elephant Herder in 11 and 33 Stages |

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    April 18 by The Running Son

    The Simile of the Elephant Herder in 33 Stages Meditation Instruction: Calm Abiding Represented as a Painting Meditation Meditation Instructions …
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  30. Research Summary: Peak and Non-peak Experiences in Response to DPT – by Bill Richards |

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    April 18 by The Running Son

    PEAK AND NON-PEAK EXPERIENCES IN RESPONSE TO DPT Research Summary   Sources Richards, William A., Rhead, John C., DiLeo, Francesco …
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